Update: I do not plan any further releases of Fragmentarium.

For an actively maintained version, please see this fork:



Fragmentarium is an open source, cross-platform IDE for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU.

It is inspired by Adobe's Pixel Bender, but uses GLSL, and is created specifically with fractals and generative systems in mind.


  • Multi-tabbed IDE, with GLSL syntax highlighting
  • User widgets to manipulate parameter settings
  • High-resolution (tile) renderings
  • Progressive rendering, for high quality AA, and distributed ray tracing.
  • HDR (RGBE .HDR) support and tone mapping
  • Support for simple animations
  • Modular GLSL programming - include other fragments
  • More than 100 examples, including 3D fractals (Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, Quaternion, Kaleidoscopic IFS), 2D fractals (Mandelbrots, Ducks, spherical Julias), Heightmaps, Knots and Hyperbolic Tesselations.

Fragmentarium is built in C++, OpenGL/GLSL, and Qt 4.

Fragmentarium is currently in the early development phase, but is getting more mature! Read more about getting Fragmentarium or more about using Fragmentarium.

The progress and design considerations can be tracked at the Syntopia blog.

If you like Fragmentarium, you might like its sister project, Structure Synth.


14 sep 13
Fragmentarium V1.0 released.
09 Sep 12
Binary Mac OS X builds for Fragmentarium 0.9.12. Updated Windows builds for better ATI / Intel compatibility.
20 Aug 12
Released Fragmentarium 0.9.12
1 Apr 12
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.9.1
19 Dec 11
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.9.
22 Mar 11
Released Mac Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.8.
19 Mar 11
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.8.0 - much better camera control, support for high-resolutions renders, animations, and presets.
23 Jan 11
Added Mac Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.5.6.
20 Jan 11
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.5.6.
(Better ATI support - once again).
Created a new usage page.
19 Jan 11
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.5.5. (Better ATI support)
19 Jan 11
Released Windows Binaries for Fragmentarium 0.5.0.
28 Nov 10
First lines of code added.


A public gallery is now available at Flickr:

Everyone is welcome to upload their Fragmentarium creations here, preferably with the script included.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


Fragmentarium is being developed by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen (mail: mikael (at) hvidtfeldts.net). It is free software, licensed under the GPL/LGPL license.

Much of the inspiration and formulas for Fragmentarium came from the community at Fractal Forums, including Tom Beddard, Jan Kadlec, Iñigo Quilez, Buddhi, Jesse, and others. Special thanks goes out to Knighty and Kali for their great fragment contributions.

The icons in the GUI are part of the Everaldo: Crystal project. Fragmentarium is built using the Qt cross-platform GUI framework.

The website uses an Open Web Design by NodeThirtyThree. It also uses GreyBox JavaScript. The Flickr slideshow is powered by PictoBrowser.